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Easy Dried Pineapple Flowers

Dried pineapple flowers are so easy to make! Just peel and slice a fresh pineapple, dry the slices in the oven and shape in a cupcake tin. You will love how amazing these pineapple flowers look on cakes, cupcakes and desserts!

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Janett Mead : I love this! I think I will also spritz or brush on some edible glitter to give them a little sparkle. I have a few ideas I'm going to work with on those pineapple flowers.
American Baker in Germany : I love these! Gorgeous and healthy. What more could you want? I love Avalon's reaction as well. She's such a sweet girl. <3
Lisa Barry : I looove pineapple and I love this! Thank you Liz! "If they don't turn out, just eat them", that would be me too ❤
Snowmanatee : Love it! Thank you for sharing
Lorraine Hicks : What a great idea for a luau party.and your daughter is just so sweet and the excitement in her face that you made something just for her and her party warms my heart . it's amazing how something that looks so simple could make such a great difference in decorating. It also doesn't hurt that it's all natural. Keep on caking.

10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World!

10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

We all love fruits. They are those awesome, sweet and colored type of food that we enjoy and don’t
feel guilty about. Well, because they are just so healthy, high in nutrients and satisfyingly filling.
In the far past, getting fresh fruits was quite a task as the technology for preservation and
transportation of the fruits had not yet been fully developed. Even the rich had to go to great
lengths in order to grab a bite.
In present times however, technological advancements have made it so that fruits from different
parts of the world are now accessible to all and sundry, and at affordable prices too.
There are certain fruits however that are beyond affordable for most people. These fruits are so
expensive that you need to be aware of how much is in your purse before you buy them.
These expensive and mouthwatering fruits are simply in a class of their own, and are truly
exclusively treated with utmost care.
So if you dream of eating the world’s sweetest orange, or gushing over the world’s roundest grape,
or you are just simply curious about how expensive the most expensive fruit is, then you’re in the
right place.
Without further ado, let’s go on the juicy ride!
#10 – Honey-Washed Apples

An apple a day, they say, keeps the Doctor away. Well, we’re not sure the adage givers were talking
about the $21 per piece Sakai-ichi apples.
The Sekai-ichi apples are very special apples to say the least. Just take a look at the translation of its
name; it literally means, “the best in the world”. There is no denying that these apples undergo
special treatment in their cultivation and delivery. You can imagine them as living the exquisite life of
These delicious apples have been cultivated in Japan for well over four decades and indeed boast of
being the best in the world. Their orchids are hand pollinated and each apple produced is given the
special treatment of being washed with honey and hand stamped.
Well, the apples live up to their name by tantalizing the taste buds and simply being the world’s
sweetest apples. They weigh about two pounds each and have a circumference of 15 inches, not
ruling out their honey-infused juicy taste. $21 a piece is not a bad price to pay for such sweetness,

#9 – Citrus Mix

This deliciously expensive fruit is so mouthwatering, you’ll probably forget about how much it costs
once it lands in your mouth. We present to you the Dekopon citrus.
These oranges are very different from the average and normal orange, well, because they are
hybrids resulting from a cross between a mandarin and an orange. We leave you to imagine the
taste of such a juicy combination. But what we can tell you is that the unique flavor produced by this
mix has left happy buyers coming back for more, not minding the high price of about $80 dollars for
a pack of six.
The membranes between this cross bred orange are known to be very thin and the fruit does melt in
the mouth. They have a characteristic bump on the top, are seedless, of a larger size and many times
sweeter than your regular orange.
Originally produced in Japan, these fruits are now available in California and are called “Sumo.” They
are known to be the most delicious citrus in the world and live up to their expensive price.
#8 – Crowned Pineapples

The next fruit on our list are these pineapples that stand out from other types of pineapples. They
are the Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan. With a rich history and exquisite taste, these
$1,600 a piece Pineapples are indeed choice fruits.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan are botanical gardens located in Cornwell, in the Southwestern part of
England. Pineapple gardens are not a common sight in Europe and this location is known to be the
only place in Europe still remaining as a pineapple garden.
Pineapples are known to be tropical fruits but with the aid of special techniques known as “Victorian
Techniques” coupled with the intensive work of the garden staff, growing these pineapples is not an
The Victorian technique is a system that allows the pineapples to survive in the colder climate of
England. They are grown in mud structures under straw, manure, and horse urine (not to worry, the
urine does not have direct contact with the pineapples).
Due to the hard laborious work put in by the garden staff, the pineapples are given to them as a
token to thank them for their work, and these choice pineapples are not sold in the market. Well,
what can we say, they do deserve every bit of it.
#7 – Flawless Mangoes

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Spider Byte : Black watermelons in serbia you can buy for 8$ be like: am i a joke to you
βεαsτ мσdε : O yes I'd like to buy some watermelon for 23k... sir have you fell on your head ?
JD fame 123 : can you do harry potter facts
Mikey Jackson : Fruits are the best
Jarvis Jackson : Recommended

파인애플은 어디에서 열릴까?│파인애플, 호두, 브로콜리의 놀라운 비밀!

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달콤하면서도 새콤한 맛!
아삭하면서도 살짝 부드러워 더할 나위 없는 식감!

후식으로 먹는 과일 중 파인애플만 한 게 있을까요?
그런데 여러분, 파인애플 열매가
어떻게 열린다고 알고 계셨나요?
소나무 열매와 닮았으니, 코코넛처럼 나무에서 열릴까요?
아니면, 감자처럼 땅속에 묻혀 있던 걸 뽑는 걸까요?

우리에게 익숙했던 파인애플에 얽힌 비밀,
그리고 추가로 호두와 브로콜리에 대한 비밀까지.
여러분이 몰랐던 식물들의 숨겨진 진실,
영상을 통해 만나 보세요~!

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썸네일 및 사진/ 123RF
일러스트레이션/ all.freevector.com
구엑 : 겨자에서 여러작물들이 탄생한게 젤신기하다 ㅋㅋㅋ
이리[Wolf] : 다 아는 것이 었지만 파인애플에 열매가 모여있는 건 몰랐네요 거기다
브로콜리가 겨자의 아종에 많은 주변의 식재들도 나왔다니..신기하네요 지식이 늘어간다아아
Cy bister : 앞에부분은 다 알던내용이라 아쉬웠는데 마지막에 브로콜리,케일,콜라비,양배추 다 겨자에서 갈라져나왔다는건 엄청 신기하네요
whynot : 대부분 이미 알고 있던 내용이라서 다시 한번 상기하듯 듣고 있었는데
겨자의 각 부분을 육종해서 만든 채소들 얘기 듣고 정말 놀라웠다
J Ryu : 파인애플이 메인인 것같은데 제일 신기한건 브로콜리에서 나오는 육종 식물인 듯.... ㄷㄷㄷ


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