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Avenue · Culture Shock

2.0 Blackmarket

℗ 2014 747 Records

Released on: 2012-03-07

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Agnes Obel - Avenue (Official Audio)

Agnes Obel's song 'Avenue' taken from her album 'Philharmonics'.

Listen to the 'Philharmonics' album in full and add it to your music library here: https://agnesobel.ffm.to/philharmonics.oyd

Discover more of Agnes' music on your preferred music service here: https://agnesobel.ffm.to/music.oyd

Buy Agnes Obel merchandise at: https://agnesobel.ffm.to/merch.oyd

Connect with Agnes Obel:

Avenue Lyrics:

What is wrong at the end of the day
What is really wrong no one dares to say
You know you're wrong when there's only one right
But what is wrong when right is out of sight

Right rode away long ago
Before rescuing wrong from below
I might be mistaken, I know but hey we need to be somewhat

Foolish, feebleminded, wrong and senseless
Right rode off long ago, there's nothing more you need to know,
There's nothing more you need to show,
Let us disagree cause wrong was made, cause you to be

What is false when we can't hear no more
And there is nothing to cover for
What is wrong in this old wasted game
May right and wrong be one and the same

Right rode away long ago
Before rescuing wrong from below
I might be mistaken, I know but hey we need to be somewhat

Foolish, feebleminded, wrong and senseless
Right rode off long ago
There's nothing more you need to know
There's nothing more you need to show
Let us disagree, cause wrong was made,
cause you to be

#AgnesObel #Philharmonics #Piano
simon jonassen : the whole philharmonics album is pure bliss...

go Agnes....

such talent...
Warriors Fan : Agnes Obel... an amazing artist. I'm not here from a show, from anything like that, I am here because of the deep meaning that this song carries for me, it holds in my heart, like a terrier to its prey. It's a hauntingly beautiful song, with a meaning, and a reason. Nothing like the pop that has taken over the 21st cetury, I feel truth and love welded deep into the soul of this very song.
SalvadorFoxx1 : This girl produces some of the most beautiful music for such a long time.
Julia Olson : I was looking at some various singers of Blues and hit a Jazzy tune, then suddenly Agnes popped up and I took a listen and am forever grateful and "changed".. Wow! I just ordered her three CDs. Her melodies have been stuck in my head for the past week and I am so drawn and captivated by her music... put the head phones on as soon as I get home from work until I go to bed.. Brilliant, fantastic and awe inspiring music that touches to the "bone"!
Débora Morais : Everytime I listen to this song and Riverside, It makes me realize how deep Revenge series is, just like the songs ❤️

Duffy - Warwick Avenue

Music video by Duffy performing Warwick Avenue. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 12,805,718. (C) 2008 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

#Duffy #WarwickAvenue #Vevo #Pop #VevoOfficial
Phyoomz : This song holds a special place in my heart.

My best friend and I went to a karaoke bar to meet up with his girlfriend at the time and her friends... the girlfriend's best friend gets eventually ends up with the mic and pretty much gets hoisted onto the stage by her friends to sing this song, which I had never heard at that point in time... and I fell for her...HARD...We'll be married 9 years this August.
Sam Reid : Duffy.. you are my idol. I was sexually abused when I was 13 and when you told the world I told mine too. You gave me the strength to tell my parents and now I can close the chapter and start to heal. All my love gorgeous x x x
ISO64 : I'm at Warwick Avenue in 2020 waiting for Duffy to come back
bobbyladd : Watching her cry after hearing today about the horrific incident she had to endure is heartbreaking.
D : Just seen her story. So sad. We're all with you Duffy




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