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Setting Up A Conveyor For The Wood Chipper..

Thanks again to our anonymous benefactor - I'm thrilled!
I think the things I called shelves are really called paddles - but correct me if I'm wrong.

Here's our main YouTube channel.. https://www.youtube.com/user/WayOutWestx2/videos
And here's my online shop www.ironpig.ie

And here's our Patreon page if you could spare a little to help.. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2761318
And here's the Fairtube Union's page - https://fairtube.info/

If you need to contact me ... rustyironpig @ gmail.com
William Glaser : Looking good and seems like everything worked out well> The free conveyor is super awesome. May not be exactly what you want yet the fact that you did not have to build one right now is a good deal. One can always make another one. The best stuff as far as I know can be found second hand a lot. I have a old wide belt for implments that I have been saving to make a conveyor and just have not gotten around to it. If one can find the belt material then it would be easy to make it longer if you needed it to be. I looked in to one of those chunkers and been thinking about investing in one my self and growing my own fast growing trees on a plot of land I own. The thinking is that the chunks would be far better than cutting and splitting large amounts of wood where this would be something one can do in a very short amount of time to provide enough wood for winter heat.
Nicolai Itchenko : A small, thin material chute at the upper end of the conveyor may direct your chips into the wagons allowing for a little better clearance between conveyor and top of the wagon which, seemed to be nudged by the conveyor from time to time.
Mitchell Panek : I have also heard these conveyors called a "cleated conveyor" so the paddles/shelves could also be called cleats
Eddie 84 : Nice job, lucky with the donation! I think perspective is needed on the development, speed of conveyor vs number of carriages and quantity of stock to be chipped. Looks like current setup will work a dream as is and allows for steadier chipping rate, no point it chipping like a mad thing if you're running to feed it! Shame it wasn't just that little longer as the intake to the conveyor needed to be one gap between the paddles past where you input the material so it could run back and catch on the next one not run off. But hats off, getting it done while we sit in the warm and watch!
TexasRailfan21 : What you need is a rubber flap to place at the base of the conveyor it'll catch the wood chips and also accept the grooves on the conveyor

(주)유니콘 컨베어 컨베이어 Conveyor 2019

유니콘 컨베어 벨트

미니벨트컨베어(BW100 MINI BELT CONVEYOR)-초미니벨트컨베어-소형벨트컨베어-초소형벨트콘베어-전시용벨트컨베어-미니엄벨트컨베어-저중량벨트컨베어

#미니벨트컨베어(BW100 MINI BELT CONVEYOR)-초미니벨트컨베어-소형벨트컨베어-초소형벨트콘베어-전시용벨트컨베어-미니엄벨트컨베어-저중량벨트컨베어-콘텍콘베어-2018_0209


T.031-479-6630, 479-6631 F.031-479-6632 HP.010-3884-8530
T.82-31-479-6630, 82-031-479-6631 F.82-31-479-6632
contechcv@naver.com / contechcv@daum.net


제품 안내 - 인터넷 카폐 \u0026 인터넷 블로그

- http://cafe.daum.net/belt-pulley-roller
- https://cafe.naver.com/contechcv
- http://blog.naver.com/contechcv
- http://blog.daum.net/conveyorbelt-roller


카카오 번역 프로그램을 사용하여 번역 되었으며 오류 번역이 있을수 있음을 이해바랍니다!
꼭 필요한 개인이나 업체의 문의를 환영합니다!
본 동영상은 출고전 시운전 동영상으로 미니벨트컨베어의
홍보와 이해를 돕기 위해서 제작되어 업로드 되었습니다!
콘텍콘베어는 미니벨트컨베어만 설계, 제작, 판매합니다!
본 동영상은 미니 벨트컨베어의 홍보와 형태 및 구동에 대한 이해를 돕기위한 목적으로 사용
본 제품은 주문후 제작하는 제품으로 구매 검토 및 구매 희망시는 필히 콘텍콘베어 담당자와
콘텍콘베어 영업 담당자는 한국어로 상담 가능합니다!

I hope you understand that it has been translated using the Kakao translation program and that there may be an error translation!
Welcome to the inquiries of the individuals or businesses that are essential!
This video is a pre-developing test drive video.
It was created and uploaded to help promote and understand!
The contact conveyor only designs, manufactures, and sells minibelt conveyors!
This video should be used for the purpose of helping the public relations and understanding of the shape and driving of the mini belt conveyor!
This product is made after order, and if you want to review and purchase, please consult with the contact conveyor representative!
Contact Convere salespersons can talk in Korean!


本产品是订购后制作的产品,购买检讨及购买希望时,请与contec convear负责人商量!

Я понимаю, что я был переведен с использованием программы перевода Какао и что может быть перевод ошибок!
Добро пожаловать в любую необходимую индивидуальную или корпоративную просьбу!
Это видео было показано в видеоролике для ввода в эксплуатацию
Он был создан и загружен, чтобы помочь в продвижении и понимании!
Контектонные медведи проектируют, производят и продают только мини-ремни!
Это видео должно использоваться для содействия пониманию рекламы, формы и вождения мини-ремневого конвейера!
Этот продукт - это продукт, который производится после заказа. Обзор покупки и желание покупки должны быть проконсультированы с контактными медведями!
Контектонные медведи, продавцы, могут быть ознакомлены на корейском языке!

Tôi muốn bạn hiểu rằng nó đã được dịch bằng cách sử dụng chương trình dịch Kakao và có thể có một bản dịch lỗi!
Chào mừng đến với các yêu cầu cá nhân hoặc doanh nghiệp cần thiết!
Video này là một video được vận hành trước khi vận chuyển,
Nó được sản xuất và tải lên để giúp quảng bá và hiểu biết!
Context Conveyor chỉ thiết kế, sản xuất và bán một chiếc băng tải mini-belt!
Video này nên được sử dụng để giúp quảng bá và hiểu hình thức và ổ đĩa của băng tải mini!
Sản phẩm này được sản xuất sau khi đặt hàng. Nếu bạn muốn xem xét mua hàng và mua hàng, hãy tham khảo ý kiến ​​với đại diện Context Bear!
Nhân viên bán hàng Context Bear có thể tham khảo ý kiến ​​bằng tiếng Hàn!

" 독도는 우리땅 - Dok (do) island is certainly belongs to korea "
라파엘 : 지금 이제품 폭,길이 알수있나요?
hitch space : what is the motor used
H.S-LEE contechconveyor : 상세문의는...O1O삼8팔4팔5삼O
벨트폭 : 100mm / 풀리중심거리 : 700mm
저희 미니 벨트컨베어는 벨트폭은 기본 100mm이며,
길이는 풀리 중심거리는 기준으로 최소 100mm~
2300mm까지 제조 가능합니다
저중량 이송 제품에 적합한 미니 벨트컨베어이며,
기본 전원은 DC24V입니다
상세문의 댓글로는 한계가 있으며 핵심적인 상담만
상기 핸드폰 번호로 협의하고 상세 문의나 답변은
메일로 가능합니다
문의시 명함 사진을 문자로 전송부탁드립니다
H.S-LEE contechconveyor : DC24V BLDC Geared Motor is used!
Motor output : 26W, 40W, 52W, 70W

DC24V Geared Motor is used!
Motor output : 12.7W

Have a good day!




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